provides experience in process specification, design and implementation!

As businesses evolve, the way that business is conducted changes. Processes that have been fundamental to how organizations operate can suddenly become error-prone, inefficient, or expensive. .

System features

Our customers have found a need to constantly assess and refine the processes that define their work.

Organizations have long appreciated the benefits of business process automation. From banks managing mortgage applications, to utility companies tracking bill payments, they have learned that much of their day-to-day business can be described by a set of well-defined business processes.

They have also understood that if they use technology to automate these processes, they can eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual intervention. This allows them to achieve more, in less time, with fewer mistakes. However, the real benefit is greater competitive advantage, as costs are reduced and productivity is improved.

This is not always a problem that can be solved by software alone, and UltraFlow  has considerable experience in process specification, design and implementation. Our goals are to:

§  Improve efficiency and productivity.

§  Reduce our customers’ costs

§  Help target under-utilized resources

§  Reduce administration

§  Help satisfy regulatory requirements without them being a burden to our customers



  1. Build: Analyze the Business to model approval based workflows.
  2. Run: Business users can easily complete from driven process through automated notification and web-based interfaces
  3. Reports: World class Business Intelligence tools provide managers with KPIs and metrics in report and dashboards
  4. Optimize: managers can continuously improve performance by discovering process bottlenecks and inefficiencies.


Ultraflow provides the necessary combination of automation, high-quality processing, sophisticated monitoring tools and tight integration between all components needed to maximize production efficiency and boost profitability.

UltraFlow Features:

1.      Document Management: users can easily store and retrieve files that have been uploaded or created by ultraflow as part of a business process.

2.      Cases Inbox: where users can track the progress of requests they have initiated or requests that require their input through.

3.      Case Notes: posting notes to a particular case at any time without needing to be the user assigned to the case at that moment, allows users to have a conversation surrounding a case without the rigidity normally associated with filling in forms or following steps.

4.      Ease of training and use.

5.      Fast Deployment and development so IT resources are used more efficiently and the software's business value can be realized more quickly.

6.      Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by reusing existing hardware, software, systems, and skills. No lock-in to one vendor. Installs on Linux or Windows. Connects to other databases (Oracle, MySQL, SQL) and systems (DMS, BI, CMS, ERP).

7.      Adaptive Approach To Business Process Management tackles problems in manageable chunks, minimizing the risk of Big IT Project failure.


Ultraflow has helped many clients move towards more efficient and reliable processes through automation. We have developed numerous workflow solutions, including customizations of off-the-shelf packages and the development of custom-built systems. We are in an excellent position to help your organization realize the benefits of workflow systems.