is the Ultimate Document Management System!

Document management is a process involving documents within an organization, with respect to the capturing, archiving, distribution and deletion of documents.

System features

It is commonly said that “a document can either be represented in electronic form (i.e. Word document, Spreadsheet file, Movie file, Sound clip, etc.) or as a traditional hardcopy consisting of one to thousands of pages”.

UltraDocs can archive both types of documents, whether it was electronic or a traditional hardcopy document.


Archiving System General Processes

1.      Physical Storage of Documents in File Cabinet

2.      All physical documents are scanned using a scan module at a scan station

3.      Every scanned document is stored at a server where all the indices of documents are stored.

4.      Retrieval of documents is faster during queries.



Components of Archiving Management

§  Capture of documents for bringing them into the system

§  Indexing and retrieving tools for document search

§  Distribution for exporting documents from the systems

§  Security to protect documents from authorized access

§  Audit trails

UltraDocs Offers Direct Web Scan

An easy way to scan directly to UltraDocs Document Management and Archiving system, without the need for standalone scan program.

§  User navigates to a web page.

§  Uses the scan utility directly from the Web page

§  Document is stored directly in UltraDocs

UltraDocs Features

1.      Improve staff productivity

2.      Reduce costs associated with manual document

3.      Promote sharing of knowledge and information

4.      Access documents while off-premises via Web drive and Web interfaces

5.      An easy way to scan without the hassle of installing scan software

6.      Usable by local and remote users

7.      System users still can upload pre-scanned individual documents, or batches of pre-scanned documents with ease.

8.      Powerful customization capabilities

9.      Powerful group- and role- based security

10.  Full-text indexing for search within document contents

11.  Sophisticated document authoring and workflow

12.  Powerful document metadata management and versioning

13.  A central document repository with audited control of document contents

14.  Web Browser and Web drive Interfaces

15.  File and folder paradigm makes migration from shared network drives easy

16.  Full audit trail of all document activity supports compliance

17.  Drag and drop just like with shared network drives

18.  Easily set up custom document metadata that suits your business

19.  Easy to use AJAX-based dashboard provides to system functions