UltraCRM truly delivers the best of both worlds!

high feature availability offered at a low cost.

System features

Ultra CRM suites a wide range of companies and it could be one of their most useful business tool for managing and optimizing their marketing, sales, and support activities.

Ultra CRM truly delivers the best of both worlds, with high feature availability offered at a low cost.

1.      Sales Automation
Sales Automation streamlines and enhances the operations of your sales team. Ultra CRM helps your sales team manage.

                                i.            Leads,

                              ii.            Opportunities,

                            iii.            Quotes,

                             iv.            Invoices,

                               v.            Unified view of all data related to Contacts and Organizations.

                             vi.            View monthly and quarterly sales pipeline

                           vii.            Create custom reports by region, sales person, ...etc.

2.      Marketing Automation
Ultra CRM provides effective ways to automate the business process that provides value to the customers .It offers different features like:

                                i.            Campaign Management,

                              ii.            E-mail Marketing,

                            iii.            Online Lead Forms and

                             iv.            Product Management

                               v.            Calendaring,

                             vi.            Contact Management,

                           vii.            File Attachments, etc.

3.      Business Process Automation

                                i.            Webforms to capture leads from your Website: Ultra CRM allows a user to create and manage webforms which can be used to capture leads. It also provides ready-to-use html code for its use in Webforms

                              ii.            Campaign Management: Ultra CRM's campaigns module allows you to create, track, and optimize your marketing initiatives. Marketing campaign goals can vary, from generating brand or promotion awareness, to obtaining new leads, converting leads to new sales, or encouraging existing clients to purchase more products or services.

                            iii.            Campaign Parameters: By setting up the campaign parameters, setting the metrics that you would like the campaign to improve, and measuring the outcome, you can assess the success of any marketing campaign.

                             iv.            Campaign Leads: Many campaigns also have lists of leads or contacts associated with them (although, oftentimes lead-generation campaigns do not). These leads or contacts will then have a marketing function performed on them (a phone call, an email, a piece of mail, etc.) and responses will be recorded on each client record. These lists can be associated with campaigns in Ultra CRM.

4.      Inventory Automation

                                i.            Keep track of flow of stock level in existing inventory

                              ii.            Handle prices and taxes associated with products and their services.

                            iii.            Forecast the sequences with the help of inventory notifications

                             iv.            Implement replenishment techniques.

                               v.            Manage shipping and

                             vi.            Handling tax implications.

5.      Overall Control of

                                i.            Products,

                              ii.            Services,

                            iii.            Vendors,

                             iv.            Price-books,

                               v.            Quotes,

                             vi.            Sales order,

                           vii.            Purchase order and

                         viii.            Invoices.

6.      Support Automation
Ultra CRM empathizes the requirements and delivers the finest solutions to the end users(clients). Customer delight is the goal of Support automation. Ultra CRM offers different modules, listed below, to resolve issues related to the customers.

                                i.            Trouble Tickets can be used to handle customer support issues, queries, and other service requests. In the CRM terminology, tickets are any kind of customer service requests as they occur after sales. The support functions help you to collect and sort customer requests, inquiries, disturbances, problems etc. related to sold goods or services. The support functions keep CRM users and customers informed on the status reached in respect to the response to customers messages. Sales staff and management can get a quick overview of support activities related to customers or products or both.

                              ii.            Customer Portal feature under Settings page enables customers to log-in, report, track issues and search for answers from knowledge base.

                            iii.            FAQ (Knowledge base) can be used to help customers find quick solutions to their queries and support issues. Service Contracts helps to track service agreements. Ultra CRM system offers you a FAQ list. FAQ refer to listed questions and answers, all supposed to be frequently asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular issue. You may use this for instance

§ AS a knowledge base to inform your customers about your products, services or procedures,

§ For your employees to inform on internal business procedures,

§ For your service staff to discuss procedures for helping customers, and much more.

                             iv.            Service Contracts is a requisite to maintain healthy trading relationship. Also, this will establish an off-contract between two parties. This module can be helpful to track both support and professional service agreements.

7.      Project Management
A Project Management is a well-organized and systematically planned endeavor, defined with beginning and ending, to accomplish a successful project.

8.      Activity Management

                                i.            Events And Tasks
Calendar module enables users to keep track of calls, meetings, and tasks. Users can collaborate on activities and maintain a history of all previous activities by linking them to specific records in the CRM (Ex: Organizations, Contacts, and Opportunities). Ultra CRM offers 2 types of Calendar records: Events which are scheduled calls and meetings and To Dos, which are tasks to complete within a given time frame.

                              ii.            Email

                            iii.            SMS Notification
Taking advantage of the growing number of consumers using their mobile devices, the companies have started advertising their Products and Services to them. Sending SMS to their Clients and Suppliers will allow them to communicate faster and stay in touch with them.  By using SMS Notify module in UltraCRM you can communicate with your clients faster by sending personalized SMS Messages to customers. Consequently, you can increase your sales and strengthen the relationship with your customers.

9.      Security Administration: The user security administration functions are the core of CRM security management, and are used to control the access to the CRM system for each user. Ultra CRM provides a privilege system that allows you to control who can view, edit, delete or create each type of CRM data. Roles, Profiles, and Groups, are used to make it easier to manage privileges for multiple users and managers, and eliminates the need to setup each privilege individually for each user. Instead, you can setup privileges for a Profile, and use the Profile for multiple users and Roles. Roles are organized hierarchically and a user can have multiple Roles, which provides an efficient way to assign privileges to users and managers performing multiple functions.

10.  Profiles: Profiles are a set of security privileges for executing CRM operations, and can be assigned to users. Profiles make it easier to control detailed security privileges without having to specify them individually for each user. Specific security privileges can be granted once in a Profile, and then assigned to users as needed.

11.  Roles: Role based security allows security setup using hierarchical roles that capture user and manager responsibilities in an organization. Each Role is primarily one or more Profiles, i.e. a set of security privileges. These Roles are then assigned to users. Security administration with role based security consists of determining the operations that must be executed by persons in particular jobs, and assigning Roles to users as needed.

12.  Groups: In addition to restricting security privileges for each type of data, Ultra CRM provides some security control to permit access to specific subsets of data. For example, you may need to setup access to data for a specific customer account so that specific people can see the data. For better manageability, the CRM allows to collect users and Roles in Groups. Specific data, e.g. a specific Account, can be assigned to the group so that everyone in the group has accesses to that data.

13.  Sharing Access: Sharing Access controls are used to determine what level of data sharing is enabled between users, e.g. can one salesperson see another's leads. By default the sharing access settings may allow all users to see all CRM records, even if the record is not assigned to them. Sharing Access allows you to restrict or allow such access for each type of CRM data.

14.  Field Access: Field Access is used to control visibility of specific fields in each module to users of the module. You can use this function to either show or hide particular fields to the entire organization. Default field access settings include custom fields you may have created before. By default it is configured to display all data provided in the CRM system.

15.  Tag Cloud: Tag Clouds are a convenience for CRM data access that has been tagged with labels. They are designed to improve the usability of the CRM by making it easier to access. They help to categorize the records based on a user's requirement from categories set by the CRM system. Tag Clouds are used to pool objects based on subjective or other values.

16.  Calendar Reminder: Each user can activate an activity reminder function by setting a reminder interval in My Preferences. If activated a popup browser window will be displayed every time an activity is due. The popup window displays the time, status, and subject of an activity. It offers you the options to postpone or to close a reminder message. If postponed the message will popup again after the next reminder interval until it is closed.

17.  Chat Functionality: The chat functions offered by the CRM provides instant messaging capabilities in a form of real-time communication between two or more CRM users. The CRM offers public as well as a private chat capabilities in so-called chat rooms. The public chat allows all CRM users to share a common chat room where each user can read all messages and can contribute if desired. The private chat room serves as a platform for the communications between two users.

18.  Documents: Documents are the files you save in Ultra CRM. You can either upload files directly or provide an external link to download the file again. Files can be classified by grouping them under different folders.

19.  Mail Manager: Mail Manager is an integrated email client that allows users to perform CRM related actions on incoming email. It helps you create Leads, Contacts, Organizations, Trouble Tickets and To Dos from the emails that you receive in your inbox. Should sender's email id match with a record in Ultra CRM, you can perform more actions like, Attaching email, Adding To do, Comment and Ticket. Additionally, you can manage composing, replying, forwarding emails etc.

20.  Recycle Bin: Records that are deleted from different modules are stored in Recycle Bin. It acts like an archive for all deleted records and helps you restore them when required.

21.  Reports: Reports provides your sales team the ability to extract only data relevant to them from thousands of records. You may use these report features to get an overview of customer related activities and to draw conclusions on how to improve your sales process. You can generate reports based on desired criteria by using filters.

22.  Home Page: Ultra CRM offers different home page widgets that will provide graphical representation of current status and key performance indicators. As complete analysis of data is displayed on one single screen, decisions and conclusions can be monitored at a glance.