The Ultimate Solution to Restaurant Menu Ordering and Order Customization!

UltraMenu is an electronic menu that can be deployed in restaurants and cafes. It virtually eliminates the need for printed menus, and makes ordering and customizing orders an enjoyable and memorable experience.

How Does UltraFi Work?

System Mechanism

UltraMenu accepts orders from clients, automatically dispatches orders to the kitchen, and in turn the kitchen delivers orders paving the way for cashiers to settle them.

System Players

    1. Waiter.
    2. Client.
    3. Chef.
    4. Cashier

System Specifications

UltraMenu delivers a seamless process that integrates with virtually every accounting and warehouse keeping software application already utilized.

Hardware Components

UltraMenu requires:

    1. Mini PC: FL-X2400 ST mini PC series, WiFi enabled.
    2. Cisco Router - wireless hotspot, Wireless-N, 2.4 GHz.
    3. 9" tabs with touch screen to optimized functionality.

Software Components

UltraMenu is operated by the following software components:

    1. Linux CentOS Minimal 6.4 Operating System.
    2. PHP/MySQL.


UltraMenu functions as follows:

Step 1

Waiter Logs in and Selects Table.

Step 2

Customer Selects Menu Interface Language.

Step 3

Customer selects menu items and reads their ingredients and how they processed.

Step 4

Customer customizes menu items by adding things like toppings and removing things, and submits order.

Step 5

Chef receives pending order, reads its details, and delivers it.

Step 6

Cashier settles Order and frees table.

Click the on the thumbs below to see actual screenshots of ultramenu in action.